Greed, Guilt, and the Gem by Mak K. Han

Greed, Guilt, and the Gem

The Puzzle Women by Anna Ellory
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller |ePUB | 3.1 MB

Laura Lane: librarian, writer…sleuth?
Laura moved to Strawberry Shores looking for a new beginning, thinking that moving to a small rural town would be just what she needed. Instead she found herself getting involved in various murder mysteries – though luckily, Laura has a special ability. When someone lies to her while there’s a radio nearby, she can hear static in her head.
Hurricane Iris has come to Strawberry Shores, as well as Jane’s Gem – an emerald donated to the library by recently-deceased citizen Jane Brooks. While Laura is leaving work one night she sees the Gem getting stolen and Walker Finn being murdered – and when the killer gets away, Laura is left as the only suspect.
Worse, her ability to lie detect is on the fritz. No matter what people are saying, she hears the static – who is telling the truth and who is lying?
Now, Laura has to unravel the mystery of who killed Walker Finn before time runs out. Will Laura be able to solve the mystery without her static ability? Or will the theft of Jane’s Gem prove to be Laura’s undoing?

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