Gulf Lynx by Fiona Quinn

Gulf Lynx

Gulf Lynx by Fiona Quinn (The Lynx #5)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 437 Kb

Gulf Lynx : The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Almost a decade ago, Prescott, an ex-special forces Green Beret, was boots on the ground in his new role with the FBI’s Critical Incidence Response Group, searching for his childhood friend Kaylie after she disappeared from her research camp in Nigeria without a trace.

Now, the NSA thinks they’ve identified Kaylie’s image in Syria. Prescott turns to Iniquus Puzzler, Lynx, to help him prove that the picture and the missing scientist are one and the same. If the NSA is right, this woman has days to live. The clock is ticking. .

Lynx struggles to make progress finding Kaylie who may well be alive but is in a region where women are invisible behind their veils. Complicating the search, Lynx is fighting her own crisis. A psychic maelstrom thunders through her system. Her husband, Ranger Angel Sobado, killed by an IED two years ago, has gone to Hell and is begging Lynx to save him. Before she can marry Striker, she needs her husband to rest in peace. .

“Mrs. Foley, that name was my first bite of information.

My only information.

Yup. Here I was, waggling my foot, sending my gaze to the Iniquus owners on my left, back to the woman on my right, back to my hands in my lap.


“Lynx,” Mr. Spencer said as he tapped his phone to end his conversation and headed over to the table. “Good that you’re here. We’re waiting for one more—”

The door swung open and Damian Prescott moved into the room. As a special agent with the FBI, Prescott led a joint task force that had to do with international criminal organizations that wanted to set up shop here in the United States.

I had brushed past him on several Iniquus cases.

Through those encounters, I knew that Prescott was bright and dedicated, but I hadn’t seen enough of his personality to form a solid opinion of him outside of his role with the FBI.

As he moved into the conference room, I stood and turned to face him with a smile and an extended hand.

Prescott reached for a shake. “Good, Lynx, you’re here.” He reached for Mr. Spencer’s hand and nodded to Col. Grant still standing at the bank of windows, working his phone. Prescott ended by resting stormy eyes on Mrs. Foley.”

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