Gunrod the Barbarian by Rex Crowe

Gunrod the Barbarian

Gunrod the Barbarian by Rex Crowe (The Gunrod #1)
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB |3.5 MB

To save civilization, he must become a barbarian.
Ernest and his friends, Ian and Elvina, camp out on a haunted moor and awake in Esla — a magic world on the brink of enslavement by the dystopian Tower government and its diabolical allies. An archangel gives them a simple quest: “Enter the Wicket Gate.” But that means crossing a predatory wilderness inhabited by monsters. To make things worse, the evil Witch of Nevendor is after their souls. To survive, the friends have to level up, fast. Ernest becomes the Barbarian he’s always played in RPG games while Ian and Elvina unlock their powers as a Mage and a Bard. Along the way, they’ll team up with Elor, a charming elf princess, and Abrecan, a venerated mage. As they take on new quests and grow more powerful, they’ll discover that the dark forces of Esla have shocking connections to their hometown on Earth — and to Ernest himself.

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