Harbor by Tom Abrahams


Harbor by Tom Abrahams (The Traveler #8)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 369 Kb

Harbor : No man is an island, but Marcus Battle is a man lost at sea. Reluctant hero Marcus Battle is tasked with helping his friends escape the reach of an oppressive government. His team is undermanned and outgunned in its efforts to reach the mythical refuge called “The Harbor.” But they are relentless in their pursuit of freedom and, at long last, peace. Can Battle find all that has eluded him since a deadly plague took his family and left him alone? Or will the sins of his past drown him in regret and leave him adrift for the rest of his days?

“Rickshaw reached out toward Booth’s face, at his distant gaze, and snapped his fingers. “Booth? You hear me? I was talking about temperament.”

Booth blinked back into focus. He nodded loosely, his jaw slack.

Rickshaw put a hand on his own chest, tapping his shirt. He wore a high-collared tunic underneath a black leather duster that draped along either side of his chair. The color of the long coat matched the black leather Spanish bolero on his head.

“This is next level to me,” said Rickshaw. “Temperament testing? Not only are we taking a newborn baby from a mother, but we’re testing it to make sure it’s the right fit for the strangers to whom we’re selling it. Don’t you think that’s next level?”

The muscles in Booth’s jaw flexed, as if he was trying to still the chatter of his teeth. He shrugged and held his shoulders up toward his ears for an exaggerated minute before he lowered them.

Rickshaw smiled again. His dimples deepened on his thin cheeks. “I’ll take that as a yes. Next level. The systematic buying and selling of babies. The careful placement of them in an environment where they’re most likely to thrive. It was a system that worked. The economics of it worked. It worked, that is, until it didn’t. Until the Scourge and the drought meant dogs didn’t have much of a place anymore other than on spits and in pots.”



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