Harlequin Romance April 2021 Box Set by Rebecca Winters

Harlequin Romance April 2021 Box Set

Harlequin Romance April 2021 Box Set by Rebecca Winters, Kandy Shepherd, Kate Hardy, Ella Hayes
English | 2021|Romance| ePUB | 7 MB

Harlequin® Romance brings you a collection of four new titles! Experience the rush of falling in love!

Unmasking The Secret Prince (Secrets of a Billionaire) by Rebecca Winters
Exiled Prince Alexandros’ royal identity has been a fiercely guarded secret. So, when he fell in love with Giannina, five years ago, he had no choice but to leave… without a word. Now, with the chance to re-claim his rightful kingdom, he’s back – and, ready to re-claim Giannina’s heart!

From Bridal Designer To Bride (How to Make a Wedding) by Kandy Shepherd
When her usually shy foster pup, Daisy, befriends gorgeous billionaire Josh, bridal designer Eloise is just as smitten. Quickly, coffee turns to dinner, turns to…Josh as her fake fiancé?! With a bridezilla trying to destroy her business, Josh offers to help. But pretend kisses soon lead to real passion…

Surprise Heir For The Princess by Kate Hardy
Princess Vittoria yearns to escape the pressures of her royal life. Vittoria knows she can never have a future with photographer Liam, but gives in to their undeniable chemistry for one perfect night… Until Vittoria returns home to discover she’ll have more than memories to remember Liam by!

Tycoon’s Unexpected Caribbean Fling by Ella Hayes
Billionaire Joel is no stranger to the spotlight. But, when his engagement implodes, all Joel wants, is to get away. Cue a solo trip to a private Caribbean island! Yet, when he comes face-to-face with Emilie Clayton – Joel’s far-too-beautiful personal chef – things get complicated…


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