Harold and the Angel of Death by Gary McPherson

Harold and the Angel of Death

Harold and the Angel of Death by Gary McPherson (Berserker Series Book 2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |288 kb

Every privilege has a price, and protecting the innocent carries a cost. Harold finds himself in a world where friend and foe are hard to decipher as he attempts to save his father’s defense company. To add to his struggle, Harold must deal with the accusing specter of John Richmond. John reminds Harold how much the berserker inside him enjoyed taking John’s life. Is he a killer? Will he kill again?

Joshua and Maria Zeev remind Harold he is not alone in his quest. CIA agent Darla Johanson has Harold’s heart, but are her motives pure? Harold discovers the link between CIA agent Garcia Hernandez and his family, but is it true? Can Harold trust a man whose cover is that of a dirty intelligence agent?

Whom can Harold trust as the team attempts to bring in illegal arms dealer Chuck McGill? A man who provides weapons to ISIS factions, and other terror organizations in northern Africa. Will Harold be forced to kill again to ensure his, and his friends’ survival? Does agent Garcia’s plan to save Parabolic Defense Systems have merit, or will he use the company’s resources and then leave it bankrupt?

“An audible humph emitted from the phone. “Well, I can’t fault you there. I’m afraid my own temper would have gotten the better of me in that situation. I may need to seek Joshua’s advice if he has taught you that much self-control.”

“Joshua taught me to control my temper, but Dad taught me how to deal with politicians during my high school years. He told me if I wanted to work in the family business, I needed to learn those skills sooner rather than later.”

Harold thought he heard Adam rifling through papers and the scratching of a pencil. “Tell me, if your father was alive today, what advice do you think he would give you?”

He sat there for a moment contemplating the question. He hadn’t thought about what his dad would say. All he thought about was not failing and losing the company his late father had placed into his strong but inexperienced hands. “I’m not sure what Dad would say to me now. I know he wanted me to save his company. At least, that was what he had hoped for and was one of the reasons he took his life. He assumed I could stop John and keep everything going.”

Adam’s voice grew somber. “Your father’s plan didn’t work out the way he had hoped though. I don’t doubt he would still be alive if he had known the fallout from his decision.”



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