Haunted Lancashire by Jack Lewis

 Haunted Lancashire

Haunted Lancashire: The Haunting Of Books Collection by Jack Lewis
English | 2021| Fantasy |ePUB| 6.8 MB

: Quaint villages. Rolling hills. Unexplainable evil. Don’t visit Lancashire if you’re faint-hearted. There are places in this world where mysteries go unsolved and secrets lurk on every street. Some of us never see this evil. Others aren’t so lucky.

Tamara can’t enjoy her present until she faces her past. Lured back to her creepy old manor, she realizes something is waiting for her there. Now that her sinister history has caught up, does she run away again, or should she fight?

For Scarlett and her family, inheriting her spooky childhood home is supposed to be a second chance. But what happens when they disturb an ominous spirit that has never forgotten her?

Loe never met her half-brothers and sister. She has rehearsed how to act, what to say…but she never thought about having to survive. Unravelling the secrets of their sinister family home is the most dangerous thing she’s ever done. Can she trust her new siblings, or are they part of the horror?

Begin the journey that will keep you under the covers and unravelling mysteries all night.


  • The Haunting of Towneley Manor
  • The Haunting of Gawthorpe House
  • The Haunting of Harrow Hall


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