Have Spacecat, Will Travel And Other Tails by John G Hartness

Have Spacecat, Will Travel And Other Tails

Have Spacecat, Will Travel And Other Tails by John G Hartness
English | 2021 |Sci – Fi | ePUB | 6 MB

Science fiction, literary fiction, horror, urban fantasy, poetry, comedy – this collection of short stories and poetry from the award-winning creator of Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter has a little bit of everything. Have Spacecat, will Travel spans a decade of novelist John G. Hartness’ career, with short stories featuring Bubba the Monster Hunter, The Dead Old Ladies Detective Agency, and a few new characters you may not have met before.

Also included are some of the author’s favorite examples of his narrative-style poetry that he describes as “redneck failed songwriter poetry.” Inspired by David Childers, John Hiatt, John Prine, and Jason Isbell, the stories created in these poems will stay with you long after you close the book.


  • 1. Have Spacecat, Will Travel
  • 2. Sunset Song
  • 3. Fair Play
  • 4. The Medical Transcriptionist becomes Lost (and found) in her work
  • 5. Don’t Stop Believing
  • 6. Foxglove’s Henna Worshipper
  • 7. On A Hill Far Away
  • 8. Of My Understanding
  • 9. Shiny
  • 10. Aftermath
  • 11. Cheers
  • 12. Beer Goggles
  • 13. Dance in the Graveyard
  • 14. Death of a Small-Town Sports Hero
  • 15. Walk the Dinosaur
  • 16. Chelsea (for Gina)
  • 17. Knight of the Green
  • 18. Dancing with Fireflies
  • 19. The Christmas Lights
  • 20. Red Dirt Boy
  • 21. Reunion


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