Hearts Afire by A.D. Ellis

Hearts Afire

Hearts Afire by A.D. Ellis (Forged in the City Book 2)
English | 2020 | Romance MM | ePUB | 708 KB

Ty Golden and Vic Black are done with dating, determined to take control of their own lives, and completely unprepared when love finds them.

“Alright, Golden-Mann, let’s check your prospects,” my sister, Emerson, settled next to me on my bed and pulled my laptop to sit upon her legs.

“Why do you insist on calling me that?” I grumbled. “I stopped using the hyphen and Mann when I turned eighteen. Exactly for that reason. Let it go.”

“Oh, Ty, you’re so easy to mess with. Fine, Mr. Golden, let’s see your prospects.” She clicked on the screen and pulled up the escort service I worked for. “I really think you need to tell Mom or Uncle Rhys about the escort gig. I’m happy to be your point person and safety girl, but I’d feel a lot better if they knew.”

“Hell to the no. I’m not telling Mom. She’d lose her mind. Probably try to form a Mothers of Escorts group. The MoE’s would raise money and make charitable contributions for poor escorts who can’t attend escort camp.” I ran a hand over my face and only wished I was kidding. “And Rhys would likely blow a gasket. Our family doesn’t do drama. Pretty sure finding out his nephew is an escort would be considered drama.”

“Rhys has mellowed so much since he and Benji got together. I think the dogs have helped a lot, too.” Em signed in to the site.

I chuckled. Brawn and Bull were the dogs my sister referred to and belonged to my uncle Rhys and his husband Benji.

“Eeeewwww, Mr. Dick Pic is at it again. But he’s changed his screen name. Again. Reddick_69 is now being played by C*ck_A_Diddle_You,” she said in her best soap opera announcer voice. She turned the screen my way and I sighed.

Right there, filling up half of my computer, was a decently average penis along with the words I’ll pay double if you suck me off. The problem was multi-fold. One, the escort company I worked for was designed for companionship only. Even if I wanted to suck him off, I’d be in breach of contract and lose a very lucrative—albeit temporary—job. Two, I didn’t request the picture. Unwanted dick pics are a hard no. No pun intended. Three, Mr. Dick Pic, as we’d not-so-affectionately named him, had a habit of getting very inappropriate and then changing his IP address or changing his screen name or both. Despite reporting him to the platform several times, he always made his way back to mess with me. How did I always know it was the same guy? Because every dick pic he sent had a large mole front and center. Nothing wrong with a mole; in some cases, I’d consider it kinda cute. In this case, it was just a gross way to identify every dick pic he sent.

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