Heatwave by Oliver Davies


Heatwave (A DI Mitchell Yorkshire Crime Thriller Book 6) by Oliver Davies
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 7 MB

Oliver Davies was born in Sussex and raised in London, but never felt at home until he settled in the soggy but beautiful Yorkshire dales. Brought up on crime novels borrowed second-hand from his dad, he’s always wished his life involved less laundry and more car chases, though writing is probably safer.

People tend to do all manner of mad things when a summer heatwave hits in York, teenagers most of all. However, then a growing gang of teen ruffians turns wild summer hijinks into arson, it falls to DCI Darren Mitchell to put a stop to it before someone dies. The problem is, no one seems to believe his theory of conspiracy or the growing threat. It’s a race against time for Mitchell to gather the evidence and turn some of these poor lads around before something more than buildings burn!


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