Hecate: The Wronged by JJ King


Hecate: The Wronged by JJ King (Gods & Monsters #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |308 Kb

Hecate: She’ll become the monster they think she is, if it means saving those she loves.

Cate’s existence as she knew it ceased more than a few millennia ago. Once, she held dominion over the underworld and the darkness that presides over the night. She was one of three, a goddess of the night, Queen of the witches. Now, she was just a symbol, a name called upon by those without true power.

It took one decision, one heartbeat, to change her life forever. When she joined her power to Selene’s to save a life, their powers fused them together, body and mind, and they’ve spent the last two thousand years fighting to find answers.

It took one promise, one pledge of help from Medusa of all monsters to revive hope and forge a new plan to free Endymion from eternal sleep.

Trusting gods and monsters in the pursuit of freedom and justice is terrifying, especially when one of them makes you remember just how much you can feel.

Meet monsters and gods like you’ve never seen before in this reverse Greek mythology by Bestselling Author JJ King!

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“His chuckle spoke volumes. Without blinking, he lifted a hand to his ear where a com link fit securely over the curve of his ear. He spoke quietly into the microphone then flashed her a grin. “Your car is waiting outside. Jerome will drive you to the club and wait for your safe return.”

Cate smiled slowly and patted the chest of his impeccable Italian suit, enchanting a crisp grand into his pocket. The universe was hers to play with and he was a delight. The universe could part with a little compensation to keep her happy.

She strode across the foyer as if she owned the place and prepared for a night of utter debauchery.

Cate sipped on champagne while the driver wove his way through the back streets of Vegas, to the high roller locales, not accessible to the vacationers that came by the droves to gamble and play. She could have merely blinked and been at her destination, she had more than enough power to travel anywhere she wished, but she enjoyed the small, everyday luxuries of the wealthy and liked drawing out the earthly pleasures that helped reenergize her earthbound powers. Sex, for her, was like wine. You could get it cheap and drink it fast but what was the point? “



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