Heist Online by Victor Deckard

Heist Online

Heist Online by Victor Deckard (aka Alexey Volkov)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 333 Kb

Heist Online : If you want to play on the wrong side of the law, you can participate in a variety of heists. You can rob banks, jewelry stores, armored cash vehicles, etc. If you prefer to play as a cop, however, your task is to stop robbers.

Striker plays as a heister. When he and his teammates have been returning from a successful robbery, another team of heisters has attacked them and taken their money away.

Striker then finds out that he and his friends aren’t the only players whom the mysterious gang has robbed. Some of the victims want to get even with them. Still, nobody has achieved any success in tracking them down yet. No one knows who they are, why they rob other heisters, or where to find them.

A few days later, when Striker escapes with stolen money after another successful robbery, he happens to run into the mysterious gang again. They try to rob him, but he manages to repel the attack and ward the players off.

Later on, Striker finds out that the members of the mysterious gang have trashed his home out of revenge. After that, he gets determined to hunt them down. He has a score to settle.

“There were five ten-thousand-dollar bundles in the safe, which meant that there were fifty thousand dollars in total.

I started to take the bundles from the safe and throw them into the open duffel bag. Once I secured the money, I tried to detach the drill. Yet it firmly clung to the safe door. I tried throwing the switch on the side of the drill off. The boxy device instantly detached itself from the safe door. I put the drill into the bag as well, then zipped it up, and slung it across my shoulders.

I went out the door. The cashier was trying to get to his feet again. I pointed the Sig Sauer at him and said, “Stay down and be quiet.”

The NPC saw the muzzle of my pistol pointing at his face, turned ashen, and flattened himself on the floor again. I strode toward the entrance door and went out of the building. I looked up and down the street. Fortunately, there were no passers-by nearby. I quickly crossed the road and headed for the alley in which sat the black van.

Sliding the side door open, I looked around once more and threw the duffel bag in the cargo section of the vehicle. I then climbed in and slid the door close behind me. Behind the wheel sat an NPC.

“Nailed it,” I said grinning. “We’re rich, man. Well, kinda. Let’s get outta here.”

The driver said nothing. He wouldn’t so much as cast a glance at me.”


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