Her Duke in Shining Armor by Emma Linfield, Cobalt Fairy

Her Duke

Her Duke in Shining Armor by Emma Linfield, Cobalt Fairy : A Historical Regency Romance Novel
English | 2019 | romance | ePUB |628 Kb

Her Duke : So dark, so deep, the secrets that you keep…
Eleanor Stanley, daughter of the Duke of Brisdane, is certainly not the apple of her father’s eye.
Rebellious and blatantly outspoken about her dislike for the hypocrisy of the ton, she’s earned herself not only a bluestocking reputation but also the nickname ‘Lady Disdain.”
Aaron Bravolt, Duke of Oberton, never expected to catch one Lady Eleanor sneaking a servant child out at night in order to spare her from her father’s wrath. But his determination to decrypt the puzzling lady has consequences he couldn’t have foreseen.
With his own assets under attack by a mysterious adversary, Aaron has only eighteen hours to discover what really happened to the Duke of Brisdane’s late wife and to keep Eleanor from being taken away from him forever.

“Your usual nightcap, Your Grace,” the butler said while depositing a tray of warm wine on the table. “I must add that your valet, Mr. Stanton, has been suddenly been called away.”

“The reason, Harold?” Aaron asked while stepping over his faithful hounds.

“A family matter, Your Grace.”

“Ah,” Aaron acknowledged while pouring out his wine. “Then I suppose the job of arranging my outfit to Lord Greyson’s ball tomorrow evening must be left to you.”

“I would be happy to, Your Grace,” the silver-haired man replied. “But I must admit that the fashion of your generation befuddles me. What man wears pants so tight they can be mistaken for a second skin?”

“Dandies, Harold, dandies with their blue powdered wigs,” Aaron laughed in his wine. “Which if you ever see me don, please call the men from Bedlam to institutionalize me.”



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