Her Last Ghost by Riley Clarke

 Her Last Ghost

Her Last Ghost (Girl Broken, Book Three) by Riley Clarke
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller |ePUB | 2.9 MB

Riley Clarke is a thriller author from Melbourne, Australia who has a passion for gripping fiction. When not working hard or spending time with family, Riley can be found locked away in an office devoting as many hours as possible to a manuscript.

Can you ever run from the past?
Faith thought she knew the answer to her darkest problem. But the biggest mistake she ever made cost two people their lives. Can she find the courage needed to make things right again?
After escaping from Little Lake State Hospital, Faith soon realizes that no matter how far she runs, he will always be there with her, following her every step. There’s only one way for Faith to rid herself of this ghost from a past she wishes she could forget. But her journey to redemption won’t be easy.
With the police hunting her down, Faith will turn to a familiar face to find her way back to where her pain all began and come face to face with a past that will do everything in its power to bring her down.
Will Faith have enough fight left in her to make the world right again? Or will the horrors of her crippling reality be too much to bear?


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