Her Last Memory by C.A. Wittman

Her Last Memory

Her Last Memory by C.A. Wittman
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

A reason to murder.
A reason to forget.
A reason to remember.
Dora has a loving wife, three children, and a thriving business.
Dora has a perfect life. Dora is a perfect lie.
What would you do if you lost twenty-four years of your life?
Serene Hokulani only knows she’s in Hollywood, but nothing else looks familiar. Her last memory is leaving her house in 1996 as a suspect in a murder investigation, her life turned upside down.
Serene finds herself catapulted into a future she has no recollection of creating. Diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and a fugue state, she learns that her name is Dora.
Dora is forty-years-old. Married. A mother of three. But, the part of herself who became Dora has now vanished, leaving Serene to manage the life, challenges, and relationships Dora has forged along the way.
With the world on the verge of a pandemic, a country and family politically divided, Serene grapples with her own identity in a society where identity norms are changing.
As Serene struggles to put together the pieces of her troubled past, one night repeatedly comes into question—the night of the dinner party. The night Taylor Davis was murdered. Anyone of Serene’s friends had reason to hate Taylor. Anyone of them had reason to hurt her.
Maybe Dora knows the truth. Dora, who is diametrically different in every way from Serene, or is she?
A haunting tale of identity loss, loyalty, fierce love, and regret.


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