Her Prince Charming Boss by Cami Checketts

Her Prince Charming Boss

Her Prince Charming Boss by Cami Checketts (Billionaire Boss 4)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 250 Kb

Her Prince Charming Boss: A sassy fitness trainer, an undercover billionaire with a damaged heart, and the secrets they’ll never overcome.

Dirk Miller will never allow himself to fall in love because of his parents’ horrific example of loving and leaving. When he meets the vivacious Kit Abbott, he’s shocked by the connection he feels when they touch and the way she can tease him into wanting to be with only her. He knows he’s not worthy of Kit and hates himself for not being able to resist her.

Kit Abbott has enjoyed dating various men throughout her adult years, but has no intention of settling down. When Dirk Miller captivates her with his charming personality and sensational kiss, she falls quickly, stunned when he walks away.

Can Dirk and Kit learn to trust and love, when their relationship is built on secrets and feelings of unworthiness?

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“Miss Abbott?” The voice was deep and appealing. If this was a telemarketer, his company had scored hiring a man with a voice this enticing.

“Yes, my man with a deep and awesome voice, you found me.”

He chuckled, and Kit had to swallow hard. His laugh was even more charming than his voice. Who was this, and how did he get her number? Oh, my, goodness, she had wondered if this would happen. She was already being blessed for all the extra time spent on her knees begging the good Lord to help her friend, Mae, overcome her fears and find the love of her life.

“Glad to hear you like my voice.”

“Lucky for you, since it’s all I know about you at this point. Who is this?”

“Colin Johanson.”



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