Hera’s Gift by Helen Scott


Hera’s Gift by Helen Scott : A Cerberus Series Novella
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 129 Kb

Hera’s : Poppy and her men have been running the Underworld for a while now. Just long enough to get comfortable in their roles before life throws them another curve ball. Only, this time, it comes in the form of an invitation from Zeus.
The gods and goddesses want to know who exactly is running the Underworld now that Hades and Persephone have stepped aside, and as Poppy and her men know, saying no to a god is never a good idea. Can they survive the ‘party’ Zeus is throwing in their name, or will they end up with the mother of all hangovers?
*This novella was first published in the Shifting Destiny anthology and the bonus scene at the end was included in the Holidays Between the Sheets anthology.

“Once in the throne room area, I found all seven of my guys in full tuxedos and also a being that I was unfamiliar with. My mouth watered at the sight. They looked like the center spread of a fashion magazine. All posed around the room, looking at various things, but their bodies were generally facing my direction.

Hunter noticed me first, and as his head turned to me, his eyes catching mine for a half second before traveling down my body. His jaw went slack and his finger tugged at the shirt collar while he crossed his legs where he was sitting. It was the slight strangled sound that slipped through his lips that drew the others attention, though. Once they saw me, they all rose and bowed.

Knox, being my dramatic overachiever, went down on one knee with his fist over his heart. The others followed suit.

“Oh, stop it,” I said as I grinned broadly, pleased by their reactions. “It’s just a dress, and you’re all intimately familiar with what’s underneath.”

“You honor us, my queen. Never has there been anyone as beautiful as you with as kind a heart,” Emmett said, his formality making me feel oddly regal.”



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