Heroin, Heroine by Chester Gattle

Heroin, Heroine

Heroin, Heroine by Chester Gattle (Jacob White #3)
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 6.7 MB

Jacob’s life has quieted. After faking his death, he’s managed to escape the cartel and slip back into his humdrum life. But when a mysterious man arrives with a warning (the cartel still wants its revenge) and an offer (let me help you), a plan is put into motion that throws his world into chaos once again.

Jacob White and his girlfriend escape to safety on the man’s private jet to an island in the Gulf of Mexico, where they learn about the man, the vigilante group he belongs to, and the catch that comes with accepting their protection: Jacob must join them in their fight against the cartel.

Meanwhile, the group’s leader is plotting their single greatest attack yet. Something so cunning and dangerous that they’ll either end up destroying the largest cartel in the world, or die trying.


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