Hexy Beast by Corrine Winters, Kitty Townsend

Hexy Beast

Hexy Beast by Corrine Winters, Kitty Townsend (Kitten Magic Cozy Mysteries #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 7.1 MB

Can life be a circus if death is the opening act?

Former acrobat Tipsy Bissell runs the rowdiest animal rescue in Black Willow Bay, Michigan. But when the corpse of a critter-stealing crook befouls the town fountain, Tipsy calls on more than her circus skills to solve the case. Namely, magic.

She’s a witch, capable of communicating with animals and shapeshifting at will. It’s a good thing, too, because Tipsy will need all her skill and charm to unravel the clues. Turns out, lots of folks wanted the thuggish thief dead and every answer leads to another question.

It’s up to this witty witch, her BFF, Mika, her flippant familiar, Calliope the Magnificent Maine Coon Cat, and a shelter of shaggy sleuths to save the day. Add to the mix a helping hand from the hunk-a-licious Sheriff Jain. But even as Tipsy investigates the murder, a shadowy stalker, armed with Tipsy’s dearest secrets, turns everything topsy-turvy, opening the door to a scandal that points to the most powerful players in town.

It’s going to take Tipsy some ace acrobatic moves to wriggle out of this mess. But will it be enough? Or is this one show that’ll miss its curtain call?


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