Hidden Knights by Jennifer Anne Davis

Hidden Knights

Hidden Knights by Jennifer Anne Davis (Knights of the Realm, Book 3)
English | 2020 | Children/Young Adult | ePUB | 2.5 MB

With Prince Henrick dead, a foreign army in league with the king, and the palace taken, Reid must find a way to right the wrongs for the people of Marsden.

Reid never expected to find love, friendship, or her mother in the kingdom of Axian. She also never expected to become a leader for her people. With the king threatening to overthrow the dukes and take complete control of the kingdom, Reid realizes she may be the only one in a position to stop him. With the ring her father gave her, the commanders of the army at her side, and a master schemer in league with her, Reid just might be able to pull off the greatest upset in Marsden history-all she has to do in step into the role she was born for.

To protect her kingdom, Reid must outsmart them all. Luckily, she’s spent the last eighteen year learning the art of manipulation, and she isn’t above putting those skills to the test.

Stunned, Reid stood there, not sure what to say or do. Finn nudged her hand, trying to get her to pet his head again. However, she couldn’t spare a thought for the dog because this woman—Anna—was her mother. Reid was certain of it.

“Why don’t you come inside so we can discuss the matter?” Anna said.

Duke Ellington shifted his weight from foot to foot while watching his daughter, not bothering to offer any explanation. Had he known Anna—Brianna—was alive this entire time? Or was he just as stunned as Reid was? She had so many questions, but she didn’t know where to start.

“Reid?” Duke Ellington said.

“Give her a moment,” Anna whispered. “She appears to be in shock.”

Reid did not want or need a minute to compose herself. And this woman had no right to presume to know what was best for Reid. Fury started to rise as a plethora of emotions warred with one another.

“Duke Ellington,” Dexter said, his loud voice cutting through the quiet evening. “Would you be so kind as to show us to our rooms? It has been a long, trying two days. Once we’ve had a chance to settle in, we can talk.”

The duke nodded before heading into the manor.

Colbert ordered a couple of stable hands to take the horses to the barn.

Finn barked and sprinted inside.

Dexter placed his large hand on Reid’s back, ushering her up the steps and through the front door. They went straight to the staircase, then up to the second floor. Reid walked of her own accord, not even aware she was moving. Anger, happiness, fear, and more anger consumed her. How could her mother be alive?

“Ackley, you can have this room,” Duke Ellington said. “And Gordon can take the room across from him.” He turned to face Reid and Dexter. “Are you two married?”

Reid opened her mouth, planning to tell her father that the king’s announcement of Henrick’s death had interrupted the wedding ceremony. She still couldn’t believe Eldon had tried to assassinate Ackley, blaming the Knights for Henrick’s death. She rubbed her temples, a headache forming.

“Yes,” Dexter said, surprising Reid. “We’ll be staying in the same room.”

Duke Ellington nodded, then opened another door. “You two are in here. You have one hour. Then I want to discuss what happened over supper.”

Reid entered the room, not even sparing a glance at her father. After removing her heavy cape and tossing it on a chair in the corner, she observed the single bed, nightstand, two armoires, and wash basin. Everything had a subtle elegance to it.

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