Highlander Deceived by Jayne Castel

Highlander Deceived

Highlander Deceived by Jayne Castel (Stolen Highland Hearts Book 1)
English | 2021|Romance| ePUB | 3.2 MB

A lie this bold will not stay hidden. He thought he was marrying a chieftain’s daughter—but his young wife isn’t who she seems. Deception and passion collide in Medieval Scotland.
When Keira Gunn agrees to swap places with her best friend, and wed a man in her stead, she knows life is about to get complicated.
She’s also risking her own future.
But Keira never wanted to be a nun, and longs for a life outside the nunnery where she’s about to take her vows. Her friend is desperate—and this could be Keira’s only chance to forge a new path for herself.
The Mackays of Farr have a new chieftain. Connor Mackay is a reluctant husband, yet he’s been betrothed for years.
Now he needs to honor his promise.
The woman he collects from the nunnery is a surprise. She isn’t the great beauty Connor expects, yet her quick wit and passionate nature soon enthrall him.
But his bride keeps a secret that risks more than both their hearts.


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