Hollow Green by Hannibal Adofo

Hollow Green

Hollow Green by Hannibal Adofo (Edgar Vincent Thriller #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |215 Kb

Hollow Green : It’s the quiet towns that hold the most scandalous secrets. But in the town of Hollow Green, the secrets are deadly.

Detective Edgar Vincent had found just what he was looking for when he made the move from Chicago to the sleepy and inconspicuous town of Hollow Green, Illinois. After 20 years of close calls, high-stakes thrills, and a fractured relationship with his estranged daughter Claire, the much-needed serenity of Hollow Green provided Vincent with the low-key lifestyle he’s been looking for—until a series of grisly murders start to occur throughout the town.

Murders that Vincent is pressed to solve quickly.

Along with his partner, Angel Murphy, and the assistance of an ice cold yet competent FBI agent by the name of Miranda Stone, Edgar Vincent and his team set about tracking down a killer working against the clock, with all signs with the heinous crimes pointing to a recently escaped mental patient by the name of Trevor Michaels, who once terrorized Hollow Green not more than a few years before, and has seemingly returned to once more strike fear into the hearts of its citizens.

As the body count stacks up and the entire town of Hollow Green falls under siege by its fearful and now antagonistic population, Edgar Vincent and his team investigate feverishly as a seedy and surreptitious plot is unraveled, and each and every one of the residents in the town find themselves in danger as the killer looms closer and the once peaceful hub nestled in the heart of the Midwest falls in danger of being—literally—erased off of the map…

“He was caught after DNA evidence, more specifically saliva, linked him to the bodies, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

A bystander saw him at a rest stop on the Florida coast during his run from the law, a tip was phoned in, and twelve hours later, Michaels was arrested and charged with the murders of four women in the state of Illinois with a one-way ticket to the gas chamber.

Only his lawyer got him off a psych plea two years later.

“Michaels was sprung from the Hollow Green Mental Health Facility six months ago,” Stone said. “He was checking in with his parole officer consistently until two weeks ago, when he failed to show up for work one day. And now, this week, it appears he’s returned to Hollow Green to take up his old hobbies.”

A glare came into Chief Mason’s eye. “How the hellwere we not notified that he was released from the facility?”

“You were,” Stone said. “As a matter of fact, I believe your office was notified by the Department of Corrections some time ago. Whether it was human error or plain and simple negligence, the failure to know that Michaels had been sprung was your department’s oversight.”

Sighs were exchanged. Heads were shaken. Hisses were made.”



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