Hollow Witch by Lori Drake

Hollow Witch

Hollow Witch by Lori Drake (Secondhand Magic #2)
English | 2021| Fantasy |ePUB| 7 MB

What use is a witch without magic against a legendary boogeyman? Magic Crimes consultant by day and trauma nurse by night, Emily Davenport very well may be the busiest witch in Santa Fe. A high-profile murder investigation is the last thing she needs, but she’s not in any position to pick and choose. The victim is a self-styled shaman, spiritualist, and close personal friend of the mayor. As if that weren’t enough, the primary suspect is a Pueblo man they can’t even question—much less arrest—without the cooperation of the tribal police. But when mounting evidence points to a more sinister force at play, Emily finds herself on a collision course with a preternatural predator whose dark magics she has no defense against… except a homebrewed spell she can’t cast. Can Emily solve the murder and stop the supernatural killer, or will she fall prey to their devastating magic and face the same horrifying fate?


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