Home Remedies: Stories by Xuan Juliana Wang

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Home Remedies: Stories by Xuan Juliana Wang
English | 2019 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 7.4 Mb

Home Remedies: In twelve stunning stories of love, family, and identity, Xuan Juliana Wang’s debut collection captures the unheard voices of an emerging generation. Young, reckless, and catapulted toward uncertain futures, here is the new face of Chinese youth on a quest for every kind of freedom.

From a crowded apartment on Mott Street, where an immigrant family raises its first real Americans, to a pair of divers at the Beijing Olympics poised at the edge of success and self-discovery, Wang’s unforgettable characters – with their unusual careers, unconventional sex lives and fantastical technologies – share the bold hope that, no matter where they’ve come from, their lives too can be extraordinary.

“The fish was born on Dad’s belly in May. Then it became June, and all reports forecasted the hottest summer on record. One humid day led to another, then another. Before the televised fireworks on the Fourth of July, the Asian carp crisis was announced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. On the news, reporters on the scene described the carp as roughly the size of dolphins and some that had grown to be the size of economy sedans.

“Like pigs, the Asian carp root around in the dirt for food,” said a Michigan senator to the press. “It’s not just that they’re muddying our scenic lakes, but they’re damaging the integrity of the bio composition of American waters by causing loss of vegetation and agricultural runoff.”

Discomforting close-ups of the carps’ giant mouths swallowing air above the water played on a loop. Since Asian carp had no natural predators, the reporters went on to explain, they ate all the other fish, as well as the turtles on the bank.…They ate the frogs and the birds, too, if they got close enough to the water.…And they ate a few adorable dogs right off a dock!

Destroyed leisure boats.

Killed heritage waterfowl.

Leaped onto the decks of ferries and terrorized innocent passengers.”



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