Honor Road by Jason Ross, Adam Fullman

Honor Road

Honor Road by Jason Ross, Adam Fullman (White Wasteland Series Book 2)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB |6.9 MB

Army Ranger Mat Best scrambles to defend the Tennessee town that struggled and failed to save his love, Caroline, from the ravages of gangrene. He stands between her orphaned brother, William, the town and tens of thousands of feral urbanites starving to strip the town bare.
Seventeen-year-old Sage Ross flees a charred and broken farm in western Washington state. He faces a perilous, winter mountain climb, then a chain of impossible choices that he must brook before continuing his homeward journey to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Cameron Stewart, the insecure family man surviving on luck and fury, flees a black-hearted polygamist enclave in northern Arizona with his family, then drops them into the gristmill of starvation. Hunger takes them down dark roads, and Cameron commits foul acts in the midst of his delirium. Will his wife and children pay the ultimate price for his dishonor?


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