Hook by Steve Williams


Hook by Steve Williams
English |2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

Detectives Mitchell and Sandovan are drawn into a homicide investigation unlike any in their experience: the violent hit-and-run of a man despised by almost everyone who knew him. Devin McDonald was an abrasive co-worker, neighbor, and online commenter. After leaving work one night he is cut down by a car. There are no witnesses. As they interview his personal and professional acquaintances, Mitchell and Sandovan discover that their victim was more often an antagonist. They sift through his personal life, but are stymied by dead ends. Only when the killer begins to taunt the police are they able to find some promising leads. Complicating matters, Mitchell is shocked in his personal life by revelations about two people he thought he knew. It takes every resource he can muster to bring a killer to justice, and in doing so he is forced to make a decision that changes his life forever.


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