How Could She by Lauren Mechling

How Could She

How Could She by Lauren Mechling
English | 2019 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 4.3 Mb

How Could She : After a devastating break-up with her fiancé, Geraldine is struggling to get her life back on track in Toronto. Her two old friends, Sunny and Rachel, left ages ago for New York, where they’ve landed good jobs, handsome husbands, and unfairly glamorous lives (or at least so it appears to Geraldine). Sick of watching from the sidelines, Geraldine decides to force the universe to give her the big break she knows she deserves, and moves to New York City.

As she zigzags her way through the downtown art scene and rooftop party circuit, she discovers how hard it is to find her footing in a world of influencers and media darlings. Meanwhile, Sunny’s life as an It Girl watercolorist is not nearly as charmed as it seemed to Geraldine from Toronto. And Rachel is trying to keep it together as a new mom, writer, and wife—how is it that she was more confident and successful at twenty-five than in her mid-thirties? Perhaps worst of all, why are Sunny and Rachel—who’ve always been suspicious of each other—suddenly hanging out without Geraldine?

“Nothing’s up.” Katrina sounded jumpy. “We’re fine.”

Cupping his hand over his girlfriend’s knee, Barrett slowly turned to Geraldine. “Maybe we should talk,” he said. Geraldine willed her features into a serene expression, as if she could fend off the dread closing in on her. She knew exactly where this was going.

“Kat and I are thinking about . . . looking at apartments.”

“Apartments!” Geraldine exclaimed.

“We’ve seen one,” Katrina said. “But it was way above our price range.”

“You’ve worked out a budget?” Geraldine said. The room was becoming slightly blurry.

“Nothing’s definite,” Barrett replied.

“But you’re moving in together.” Geraldine tried to maintain her composure but couldn’t help gulping. “That’s huge. Wow.” She stopped short of congratulating them; she and Barrett were past insincerities. “I’m going to miss you, buddy.”

“I know, it’s bittersweet,” Barrett said. “But I don’t want to be keeping a secret from you until the last minute. Last Sunday morning when you asked where we were going, I felt lousy lying.”

Geraldine recalled talking to the two about the restaurant they were running out to—Ondine East, a Vancouver-based chef’s hot new spot in the Beaches. At the time she’d felt envious, not of their plan but of their enthusiasm for waiting in line to eat brunch, a made-up meal that was entirely unnecessary in a city whose streets went dead at midnight. “You didn’t go to brunch?”

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