How To Be A Badass Vigilante by Michael Anderle

How To Be A Badass Vigilante

How To Be A Badass Vigilante: Book Two by Michael Anderle
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

I live in England with my all-male family of two other humans and three dogs. I’m seriously outnumbered.

If given power, would you be willing to use it to kill?
Kera is between two powerful factions.
One wants her power or they want her dead.
One just wants her dead.
While trying to use her abilities to keep the streets clean, she must fight a witch who needs to make her suffer to regain her credibility.
Will Kera be able to juggle a criminal kingpin, a witch who knows her, and her possible boyfriend all at the same time?
At least she doesn’t suffer from indecision.
The question isn’t IF she will try.
The only question is how hard is it going to be?
With everything happening, Kera is balancing on the edge of her sanity. Will magic be enough to help her come out on top?
Of course, she hopes. Because the other way lies madness.

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