How to Survive the Afterlife: Books 1-3 by Tony Moyle

How to Survive the Afterlife

How to Survive the Afterlife: Books 1-3 by Tony Moyle
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.5 MB

How to Survive the Afterlife, in one box set for the first time. Over 900 pages and exclusive content only available here. All new editions presented in a new format. If you love the humour of Pratchett and Douglas Adams, the darkness of Stephen King and the surrealism of Terry Gilliam then this is must read. Get the laugh out loud page turner now.

The Limpet Syndrome (Book 1)
John’s dead…but that’s just the beginning. Hell has a problem. Two, actually. The souls of Sandy Logan and Ian Noble are missing. This, as it happens, is a big deal. Brimstone, the demon responsible for the Soul Catcher, believes the most likely outcome is the end of the Universe. It’s obviously only a guess: it’s never happened before.

Soul Catchers (Book 2)
No one can live forever. John’s gone and even he doesn’t truly know where. Demons, pigeons, gods and a band of ex-dictators in plastic bodies are all eager to find him. Will they get to him before he can enact his revenge?

Dead Ends (Book 3)
Is there a happy ever Afterlife? War is coming! Against gods, between species and against the afterlife itself. Heroes will emerge from unlikely places and John will yet again be forced to intervene in the future of mankind.

Existential Crisis (Companion Book)
A face-off between science and religion. Demon Top Trumps. A 14-billion-year time-line and the truth about pigeons. The definitive guide to the afterlife and a must read for fans of the trilogy. One available in this boxset and to Limpet Club members.

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