Hunt For A Phantom by Stephen L. Brooks

Hunt For A Phantom

Hunt For A Phantom by Stephen L. Brooks (A Mark Banning Mystery)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 265 Kb

Hunt For A Phantom: For Baltimore detective Mark Banning it starts out as a typical missing persons case: a man seeks his help in finding his daughter who disappeared after meeting with a man she met online. Mark enlists the assistance of his police detective friend Ed Taylor in the case. When the search results in finding the dead bodies of the girl, the man she met online, and the father as well it becomes much more than that. But there was another involved: a mysterious phantom witness who may have the answer to the entire mystery. But the closer Banning gets to learning the identity of the killer, the more he realizes that he himself is marked to become the next body to be found!

“When I was growing up, it wasn’t an issue,” he continued. “My brothers and I had dinner with our parents every night. Even though we all had sports or clubs we were in. Now, your Uncle Ken for example, was on the chess team. And Uncle Bill was on the track team. Made and broke his own records, several times over.”

The kids concentrated on their meals, eating faster than usual.

Al glanced at Marge, who shook her head.

He wasn’t getting through to them. Sure, they had heard all this before, a number of times. He watched them eat. They had always eaten fast, as though a meal was something to get over with as soon as possible in order to do other things. What was their particular hurry tonight? They didn’t eat this fast even when headed for a game. Guess they figured the sooner they finished, the sooner they could be excused, and not have to listen to dad.

“I’m starting a tradition tonight,” he said. “A family meeting.”

The kids didn’t groan audibly, but he felt it in their body language.”

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