Hunt the Leopard by Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo

Hunt the Leopard

Hunt the Leopard by Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo (SEAL Team Six #8)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

Hunt the Leopard : Thomas Crocker’s SEAL Team Six crew deploys to the Nigerian jungle to combat arms and human trafficking by Boko Haram, in Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo’s latest fiercely authentic military thriller.

The charismatic Boko Haram leader Ratty Festus, also known as the Leopard, has been terrorizing drought-ridden northeastern Nigeria: raiding villages, blowing up government buildings, and kidnapping schoolgirls. When Thomas Crocker and his Black Cell team, who are in the country on a special training mission, hear about a possible arms-for-schoolgirls exchange between Boko Haram and a Russian arms dealer on the Cameroon border, they convince a Nigerian Special Forces unit to join them in trying to stop it. The operation quickly goes south, with a deadly helicopter crash and an ambush. They can’t manage to save all of the girls, even with assistance from a quick-thinking group of British private-security contractors.

A week later, the Leopard seizes control of a $500-million dollar Gulf Oil natural gas plant, demanding a $50-million dollar ransom and safe passage out of the compound. Crocker has just 24 hours to plan and execute a high-risk, low-probability, mission to rescue all eighty innocent hostages–including two of his own who are trapped with the civilians.

“Arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid, the team orthopedist had told him. “Time to slow down and settle into an office job.”

To which Crocker had responded, “Not happening, Doc.”

He ignored the pain—or weakness leaving his body, as he called it—and kept running. He didn’t want to think about time and possible ravages to his mind and body, or how he felt about his career after the nastiness that had gone down in Syria four months ago, or where he stood with his new friend Gayle, the widow of a SEAL friend, or Cyndi, who had called him unexpectedly hoping to rekindle their romance.

He wanted to keep pushing forward into new challenges, through additional barriers, always focused on his personal mission of fostering and preserving freedom and protecting the good and innocent. Tonight he couldn’t resist thinking about one of them. The Frenchwoman, Séverine, who he’d met in Kurdistan and had died in Raqqa, and the affection he still felt for her. A special woman, she possessed the best qualities—kindness, intelligence, inner beauty, courage, and a commitment to helping others.

Séverine, I miss you…

He had failed to protect her. In fact, she’d died thirty meters from where he was fighting, crushed under falling debris from a US drone attack.

Nor did he go back to try to rescue her. The circumstances in Raqqa had made that impossible—he was injured himself, ISIS terrorists were on their tail in overwhelming numbers, he was carrying a young hostage he and his men had rescued. But the circumstances didn’t serve to assuage his guilt, which twisted in his head.

“Sweet Séverine…I’m sorry.”


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