#HuntedLives by Kady Hinojosa


#HuntedLives by Kady Hinojosa
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Growing up in Philadelphia’s Hooper dynasty, the only expectation for Mali Hooper was to marry the ‘right’ man. A rebel growing up and constantly defying her parents’ demands, she joined the FBI instead.

When an undercover agent is murdered, Mali is teamed up with hard-hitting Special Agent Jacob Black to hunt the killer. Mali is convinced the agent’s murder ties to the homicide of a housewife, but Jake believes her analysis was flawed and responsible for the agent’s death. Determined to prove her theory correct, Mali discovers a chilling connection between both cases. A medically-precise cut and a calling card are found on each victim, and the murders are broadcast on social media. The public loves it!

Splashed across Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, and other venues, the murders are stacking up and there are more questions than answers. Who’s behind this and why? How can they stop the carnage when there’s no connection between the victims, the murders occur in different cities with different weapons, and the public wants to participate?


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