Hunter by Anna Hackett


Hunter by Anna Hackett : A Scifi Alien Romance (Galactic Gladiators Book 12)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB |707 Kb

Hunter : head of security Tannon Gi lets no one get close, until a feisty cocktail waitress explodes into his orderly life.
NOTE: this is a brand-new, never-before-published story

Mina Lan’Gar left the desert for a new life in the glitzy heart of Kor Magna known as the District. As a brand-new cocktail waitress at the hottest casino, the Dark Nebula, she’s just trying to get ahead, but all she seems to do is lock horns with the casino’s taciturn head of security, Tannon Gi. The man’s hard body, neat suits, and serious face make her want to mess him up a bit. When she overhears people conspiring to strike a private gladiator party the casino is hosting, she knows she needs to help Tannon stop the attack.

Once a deadly alien hunter assassin, Tannon finally left the life that was destroying him one kill at a time, and made a life for himself at the Dark Nebula Casino. Nothing and no one causes trouble on his watch, and that includes the mysterious woman from the desert who stirs feelings in him that he’s never felt before. When he and Mina find themselves swept up in a fierce passion and a deadly plot, they will soon learn that nothing is quite what it seems…

Includes the short story: A Galactic Gladiators Christmas

She called out hellos to the travelers, checking that everyone looked hydrated and well. She nodded at the grizzled caravan guards riding toward the back, their gazes continually scanning the dunes for sand pirates or desert raiders. She continued even farther back, checking on the young workers who were traveling with the food and storage transports. They all nodded and waved.

She nudged Jila, and they trotted back toward the head of the caravan. She loved her job ensuring the Corsair Caravan ran smoothly. She closed in on Corsair’s tarnid at the very front of the line of travelers. The caravan master was a good friend and an excellent boss. He was a man of the desert, and he’d rescued Mersi from enslavement.

Her gut tightened and old scars throbbed. Years ago, her poor, desert family had sold her to the harem of a desert warlord. Mersi swallowed. Even now, she remembered the terror. The man had been old, rich, and ruthless. She’d escaped before he’d touched her, and she’d taken her chances with the desert.

She’d been sixteen at the time. Corsair, and his right-hand man, Bren, had rescued her. They’d found her stumbling through the dunes—dehydrated, sunburned, and almost dead.

The men had saved more than just her life. They’d saved her soul and given her a home.”

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