Hunter Hunted by Jack Gatland

 Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted: A gripping crime thriller (Detective Inspector Declan Walsh Book 3) by Jack Gatland
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

I’m Jack Gatland. You might not have heard of me, but I’ve been writing under other names for over thirty years. Now, I’m writing a new series of Crime Thrillers starring Detective Inspector Declan Walsh, recently seconded to the City of London Police department known as the Last Chance Saloon.

“We need to hunt a killer… It’s you, Declan…”
Following immediately on from the events of MURDER OF ANGELS, when an old friend of DI Declan Walsh is murdered and an old enemy restarts their vendetta against him, Declan is placed in charge of solving the case alongside his fellow detectives in the Last Chance Saloon Crime Unit; DCI Alexander Monroe, DS Anjli Kapoor, DC Billy Fitzwarren, Doctor Rosanna Marcos and her assistant DC Joanne Davey, realising in the process that somewhere in Whitehall a new narrative is being written for the murder; one where the dead body is leaked to the press as an Extremist Terrorist, and Declan is being set up to be revealed as not only their terrorist handler in the UK, but also the prime suspect for the murder.
Now working against the clock and trying to find a way to prove and arrest the real killer before being publicly ‘outed’ as a terrorist, in the proces forced to abandon his family and home and escape from his own team, Armed Response units and Special Branch, Declan learns that the hunt is now being led by another old foe with a score to settle – and one that will happily kill Declan if it means capturing him.
Now off the grid and running scared, Declan’s forced to not only use his police skills but also his military background to survive, gaining help from unexpected sources and going deep undercover while fighting a vicious rival with unlimited resources…
As he attempts to reveal the biggest conspiracy in Westminster and bring down a Government before he’s charged with terrorism and murder…

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