Hunting Ground by Meghan Holloway

Hunting Ground

Hunting Ground by Meghan Holloway
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Fifteen years ago, Hector Lewis’s wife and young daughter vanished without a trace. People have long thought he was responsible, but the man he knows is behind their disappearance still walks free. As a police officer, he is sworn to uphold the law. But he has seen how little justice there is in the world. And when a newcomer’s arrival sparks a harrowing series of crimes, Hector finds himself in a race to catch a man he is convinced is a killer. Evelyn Hutto knows what it is to be prey. She moved west to start over. But the remote town of Raven’s Gap, Montana, is not as quiet and picturesque as it appears. The wild borderlands of Yellowstone National Park are home to more than one kind of predator. Women are going missing, and Evelyn’s position at the local museum unearths a collection of Native American art steeped in secrets. As she traces the threads of the past and the present, she finds them tied to one man. Hector is a man obsessed with finding answers. Evelyn is a woman with secrets of her own. As winter whittles the land to bone and ice, the body count rises, and both become locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a dangerous man. A man who is as cunning as he is charismatic. A man whose new hunting season is only just beginning.

I felt him behind me even before Susan’s gaze moved to a point behind my left shoulder, before he said my name.

“Evelyn.” The ardent tone of his voice had my shoulders hitching with tension.

I turned to face Jeff, and I knew. I knew. I recognized the avid gaze as it searched my face. The too-familiar smile. The stance that edged into my personal space just enough to be uncomfortable but still look completely innocent. I know you stood in the shadows watching me last night. I know you were there.

Are you certain? Could you be mistaken? He’s really a nice guy. Completely harmless.

I felt Susan retreat, and I fought the urge to call her back, to beg her not to leave me alone in his vicinity.

It was the urge to beg that forced steel into my spine and sent a jolt of anger through my veins like an electrical current. I met his stare with my own and hoped my eyes conveyed that I knew. I knew that with men like this, nothing was by accident or chance. I had learned that last time. And this time, I would not be terrorized.

“Jeff.” I did not hide the razor’s edge from my voice. I know you were there. I will not be afraid.

He smiled that smile that hinted at a shared secret. But his words were not what I expected. “You found her.” It took a moment for his words to register. He seemed to sense my confusion, because he stepped closer and breathed, “You found her.”

I took a quick step back and my elbow caught the stack of books Susan had deposited on the desk. They toppled, sliding over the edge of the desk and falling to the floor in an avalanche of heavy thumps.

I stared at Jeff, breath caught in my throat, mind racing.

“Everything okay here?”

I dragged my gaze away from Jeff and found Susan approaching, her glance bouncing back and forth between us. The fallen books had crashed against my ankles and I knelt to gather them in my arms.

“I’m sorry.” My voice came out shaky, and I cleared my throat. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Susan knelt beside me and gathered the rest of the books. When we straightened and deposited the books on the desk, Jeff was gone.

Susan caught me glancing around. “Was Jeff able to help you find what you were looking for?”

You found her. I swallowed and scrambled to recall what had brought me through the doors. “Actually, I wanted to ask you about the book club. I saw the flyers.”

Her face lit with enthusiasm. “We have three going on right now. They all meet at different times. My mystery group meets every Tuesday night. There’s a popular fiction club that meets every other Thursday. I also have a romance group that gets together every third Saturday of the month. Do any of those interest you?”

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