Hvergelmir by Mark Tufo, John O’Brien


Hvergelmir (A Shrouded World Book 7) by Mark Tufo, John O’Brien
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 4.3 MB

Fleeing from overseers and whistlers alike, the unlikely group of dimension travelers stumble upon an ancient structure buried under eons of sand. Within, they discover old pathways that send them on an even more incredible journey. There, they discover a powerful relic which may aid them in their quest to get back home.A fierce night runner attack forces Mike and Jack to escape, opening a portal to the whistler home world. Will they find a way to slow the whistler invasions? Or will their luck finally run out?

I look outside, taking in more of what I barely glimpsed while wrestling with the helicopter. We came in level with what’s serving as the ground, or the floor, well, the bottom, anyway. I don’t really know what to call it. Luckily, we didn’t arrive at full speed. I’d slowed to deliver a hail of fire on the Overseers waiting atop the bluff, but now, the sight of where we’ve landed is mind-boggling, to say the least.

We’re resting on a clear platform that stretches for at least a quarter of mile in either direction, as far as I can see, anyway. Pulsing like a heartbeat, faint, glowing lines of silver section the clear platform into large squares. More startling however, is that we appear to be suspended in space.

I look quickly around for a planet of some kind, thinking that we landed on some sort of orbiting platform. I even glance down through the clear flooring, but there’s not one in sight. We’re definitely on some kind of platform, but it’s hovering in deep space. Stars glisten in all directions against a black backdrop, crisper and clearer than I’ve ever seen, and beyond them and in between, the dark reaches of space seem emptier. I feel so small and insignificant compared to a universe so fantastically large that my mind wants to shut down.

Off to one side is a spiral galaxy, the many twisting arms filled with blue, white, and red clumps of light with the glow of gases filling the spaces between. As the arms spiral toward the center, they become illuminated by the denser collection of stars. The center is a brightly glowing mass, almost like a huge sun in itself. And from it extends perpendicular jets of blue, racing outward over immense distances. I stare at the image, mesmerized. I know in the center of that mass is a black hole, the violent forces surrounding it unimaginable. It makes anything we’ve encountered thus far drastically pale by comparison, and yet there it is, almost within arm’s reach.

In another direction, closer to us, is a tall nebula of gas reaching upward. It looks like the billowing towers of a massive thunderstorm or something rising from a vent deep under the sea. The sides of the multiple pillars of gas and dust are well-defined with streaks of blue and silver flaring from the tops. The bottom of each pillar looks as if it’s slowly dissolving, flowing down like something dissipating in liquid. Starshine from a few bright stars within the clouds illuminate and highlight various nodes extending from the central pillars. Yet, despite all this, deep within each tower is a darkness that rivals the deepest reaches of the universe. Stars beyond the massive structure shine through the thinner layers like suns glimmering behind the smoke rising from a forest fire. The entire formation gives the appearance of something living, as if it’s some monstrous entity rolling its way through space.

Mike’s question didn’t go unheard; I’ve just forgotten about everything else, overawed by what I’m seeing. No one in the cockpit has moved an inch. The strange thing is, we’re breathing; so we can’t be truly drifting in space. It’s also not cold. If we were truly in the deep reaches of space, we’d be immediately frozen. There has to be something protecting this place, providing air. Or perhaps it’s all a mental projection? However, I am able to feel…I have sensations.


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