I Am the Night by Karpov Kinrade

I Am the Night

I Am the Night by Karpov Kinrade (The Night Firm #3)
English | 2019 | Romance, Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

I Am the Night : From USA Today bestselling author, Karpov Kinrade, comes an RH fantasy romance series that will seduce you and surprise you with every page.

I’ve had my heart broken by the death of my brother and by the recent betrayal one of the Night brothers, but I’m putting myself back together one piece at a time. Until he comes back into my life and is the prime suspect in the murder of a dragon.
Now, the Otherworld that has become my home is under threat of destruction, and I have to save it before everything is lost.
This means working together with all the brothers… but even if the world survives, will our family?
As we face the ultimate test of our powers, love will be our sharpest weapon.
Some pain cuts too deep to heal, though, and we might be too far gone to save ourselves or the world.

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