I, Judged: A Novel by Terry Pinaud

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I, Judged: A Novel by Terry Pinaud
English | 2020| General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Handsome, smart, in control.

Jay is all of this and more: gay, a player, egoist, judgemental, and averse to anything and anyone that threatens to detract him from his goals.

But the entanglements he has sidestepped over the course of his studies are about to catch up to him with a vengeance.

He sees Rusty in a bar after spending thirty strange minutes with Kamal, an older man he barely remembers from a year ago.

Suddenly bewildered, out of control, and lost he takes Rusty home. And the circle of confusion begins to shrink around him.

He finds himself immersed in the lives of these two men, two very different men, trying to maintain his detachment, his mantra of “Me, first.” But each step, his failure becomes more apparent.

I, Judged is a story of coming to terms not only with sexual identity but self. For some, the journey can take a lifetime. For others, it may never end.


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