Ice Revelation (The ICE Trilogy #3) by Kevin Tinto

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Ice Revelation (The ICE Trilogy #3) by Kevin Tinto
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

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Overview: Leah Andrews is on the Antarctic Continent, her single-minded goal, return the Ancients to their destiny while at the same time, hoping that will stop the increasingly powerful and destructive Anomaly, that threatens a planet-wide extinction event should it continue to widen its grasp.She is far from the only interested party in finding the source of the extraterrestrial Anomaly. The Russians and the American military are desperate to reach ‘Complex 2’ and harvest the bounty of hyper-technology, then destroy the alien Anomaly. Jack Hobson is trapped in the USA, with no way to reach Antarctica through traditional means. He must formulate an audacious plan risking his life and those of the Globemaster pilots, Major Janie West and Captain Charlotte Ross.The Russians, the Americans, Leah Andrews, and the Ancients begin to converge on the bottom of the world, in the thrilling ending to the ICE Trilogy!

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