If You Believe by JoAnn Durgin

If You Believe

If You Believe by JoAnn Durgin
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 2.0 Mb

If You Believe : In charming Asheville, North Carolina, nestled in the shadows of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, firefighter/paramedic Brendan Williams barely has time for himself much less a social life. After his world was torn apart by a family tragedy, the only woman he sees on a regular basis is Mimi, his beloved grandmother. He throws himself into his work and also moonlights as a paper supply company driver to keep his mind busy and to earn the money to replace something of great value for Mimi. When he meets a beautiful cake baker/decorator on his delivery route, he wonders for the first time if she could be “the one.”

Edlynne (“Edie”) Harris begins her days in a bakery downtown before dashing off to her job as a ticket agent at Asheville Regional Airport. Besides her two jobs, she volunteers for a ministry benefitting displaced and abused women. Edie’s content in her busyness until a handsome new delivery driver at the bakery snags her attention. She’s been fooled before, and the last guy she dated a year ago stole more than her smile.

When Edie and Brendan independently enter a Valentine’s Day contest, they’re challenged to plan the “perfect date.” For personal and unselfish reasons, they’re both determined to win the cash prize, but if chosen as finalists, they’ll be pitted against one another. Will the competition sour their growing attraction for each other, or does God have another plan? When the Almighty’s involved, anything is possible!

“He’s not, but he’s saved a decent nest egg, and he and his wife bought a cottage on the beach near Charleston.”

Edie’s wistful sigh escaped as she returned to the stainless steel worktable. “Good for them! That’s the American dream, isn’t it? Retiring while you can still enjoy it.”

“I’d say so, especially if you have family around.”

Interesting comment. She loved her family, but getting away from them had been one of the best decisions she’d ever made. Brendan’s method of stacking boxes was impressively neat. Roger used to shove them in willy-nilly, but his manner was always congenial. The older Conover driver certainly hadn’t sported the muscles that strained Brendan’s work shirt. His face and arms boasted a healthy, natural color, and his shadowed jaw and chin only added to the whole brawny, outdoorsy image.

Stop staring at the man and get back to work!

Finished with his task, Brendan punched in something on his electronic gizmo and then held it out to her with a stylus. “That’s it for today. Can I get your signature?”

“Sure thing.” Edie took it from him. “You must be warm-blooded.”

His brows arched. “Excuse me?”


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