Illusion Lake by Sheryl Wright

Illusion Lake

Illusion Lake by Sheryl Wright
English | 2021 |Romance > FF| ePUB | 7 MB

A secret consortium, a bent banker, and a desperate lawyer are all that stand between Elliott Snowmaker and the inheritance of her great-uncle’s failing aircraft restoration business. If her life weren’t already a complete mess, she probably would have stayed in Toronto and handled the estate over the phone. Out of a job and sleeping on her cousin’s couch, she doesn’t think twice about making the long trip to New Mexico and Illusion Lake. Now that she’s here, somebody wants her gone and fast. Staying is not the plan. She has a job lined up overseas, but when she sees what her great-uncle has left her, it’s easy to want to stay. There’s something about Illusion Lake. With the estate much different than described, this place deserves her consideration. Besides, her new lawyer is hot as hell and worth a second or third look too.

Kiva Park is here for the winter only. With a thriving criminal practice up north, handling the mundane chores of her dad’s general law office is a little on the dull side. Her plans for a quiet winter fly out the window when Elliott walks in the door. Her caginess sets off all sorts of bells, but most disturbing is the way Kiva wants to reach out and brush Elliott’s bangs from her captivating blue eyes. Kiva’s job is to manage Elliott’s inheritance, not investigate the strange demands of her father’s law partner, who keeps insisting Elliott sell her holdings and now. After inspecting Elliott’s new property with her, Kiva knows something much more sinister is behind the demand.

With the town power players and the lake on the table, she needs to figure out why Elliott’s property is key. And she better do it fast, before they destroy everything she loved about growing up on Illusion Lake. This might not be her home anymore but that doesn’t make her blind to what’s happening. With everyone gunning for her new client, she knows more than Elliott’s inheritance and her own heart are at risk.

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