Immortal Academy: Year One by S.L. Morgan


of Clues by Sally Goldenbaum (Queen Bees Quilt Shop #1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 406 Kb

Immortal : Immortal Academy is nothing short of enchanting and whimsical. An elite private school that every witch, shifter, fairy or vampire college student hopes to attend. It’s a dreamy experience, until immortals start going missing or turning up dead.
Who wouldn’t want to attend this prestigious supernatural college?
Wolf shifter Jenna Silvers has never known who her parents are, but now that Immortal Academy has selected her, she knows she comes from an immortal shifter bloodline.
When Jenna arrives at Immortal Academy, the enchantment of the school is nothing short of majestic, but as she tries to navigate her way around the place, it becomes evident that something isn’t quite right.
Her first instinct is to tell her friends what she’s experiencing, but it quickly becomes obvious their personalities have changed since arriving at the academy, leaving her all alone on her mission to find out what’s going on.
It’s not until Jenna encounters the impossible—an immortal who has been murdered—that she is desperate for answers, and the only person who seems to have an idea about what is lurking around this school is the impossibly handsome Master shifter, Dominic Rossi. She must now put aside her differences with the alpha wolf, and convince him to help her save the students.
Will she be able to persuade the strongest shifter at the school to join her in exposing this evil school for what it is?
Or will Jenna become the Immortal Academy’s next victim?
School starts soon…Don’t be late!

“As if my wolf hasn’t whooped your cheetah every single time. Aren’t you supposed to be the fastest animal alive?” I teased with a smug grin as I stood.

“Ouch!” he responded with a loud laugh. “Fighting words before a race only fuel me, you know.”

“Oh, God,” I heard Lacey grumble to the other female fox shifters as they strolled through the courtyard. Foxes were so cute in their shifter form, but this bitch made me hate the cute little critters. “I’m going to laugh when she and her little friends get split up at the Immortal Academy,” she taunted. “Just because Jenna can run with the guys, that won’t put her high up on any group there.”

“What makes you think any of us are getting in?” I shot over to her and her blonde, ponytailed friends.

“It’s obvious we will. This is an important school.”

“Says who?” Tanner asked. “No one knows anything except for what they want us to know in these institutes. So shut your trap.”

“Did you really just say shut your trap?” I said to Tanner with a belly laugh before the girls rolled their eyes and walked off in a huff.

“Hey, it’s a timeless burn,” he laughed in response.”

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