Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Series (1, 3)

Immortal Stream

Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Series by Crea Reitan (1, 3)
English | 2021| Sci-Fi/Fantasy | ePUB | 2.2 MB

1. Mortal Souls – “My name is Lena. I’m not a God. I’m not even a hero. But this is my adventure: Through the Valley of the Kings to retrieve Pandora’s Box – stolen by the Seven Deadly Sins. Into the Evenfall Mansion to wage battle against a Fire Elemental. To the Akropolis to burn the awoken Nightmares. Through the Underworld to retrieve my soul from the rings of Chaos. Into Mount Olympus to face the big 12.
“At least I have the help of my friends who are gods.”
This isn’t your typical story about Greek gods. If you’re expecting to read about how a girl was fated for a god who will now love only her for the rest of eternity, or perhaps a goddess who had been waiting hundreds of years just to fall in love with that single boy and now her life is complete… well, this is not that story.
These gods are beautiful and they know it. They’re promiscuous and find no reason to hide it. They stay angry for hundreds of years, plotting their petty revenge for even the most insignificant of slights. If you’re a means to an end, they have no qualms about manipulating you to obtain the outcome they desire. That includes your death. Humans, as fun as they are for the gods, are disposable since their life only registers with a god for less than a heartbeat in their eternity.

3. The Hidden God – Lena, Yndea, and the godlings have headed off to the games. Not only is she surrounded by events and beings beyond her imagination, but she is confronted with the truth of those around her – especially those she considered friends.
Just as she’s beginning to get a grip on the idea that a monster dwells inside her, Brett is kidnapped by some very sick demons – after the two of them get trapped in an Oubliette. When the Lords of the Dead gather at the games to talk about worrisome demon movement, Lena realizes that her world might be a little bigger than just those around her.
Meanwhile, Yndea has met and fallen hard for Samael. Yes, the Satanael. He is charming, kind, and protective of her. Everything she had ever dreamed of having. By the end of the games, he has offered to make her his Queen of Hell. But… can she really trust Satan?! As she returns to school, after learning some very harsh truths about the gods she’s surrounded with, she has no idea how dark her life is turning or how many more mistakes she’ll make before she can get it back on track.
As Lena finally gets closer with Atti, Mady begins to lose his sanity. Her friendship with Delete takes a wild new turn and their connection only grows. When Lena stumbles into the drowning grip of depression, she learns exactly who her friends are – and maybe who are more. Contrariwise, her friendship with Yndea is only a shell of what it once was.

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