In the Name of the People by Zhou Meisen

In the Name of the People

In the Name of the People by Zhou Meisen (translated by Emily Hein)
English | 2020 | Thriller | ePUB | 3.4 MB

Not everyone wants you to succeed… Comrade
After consultation with relevant authorities it has been determined the local state organs have failed to undeviatingly serve the people of H province, and the entire local apparatus is riddled with corruption.
Attempts to rectify the situation have failed because morally degenerate senior officials have resorted to increasingly desperate measures to cover their tracks.
Effective immediately, Comrade Hou Liangping, veteran of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, is to be sent to the province to help expedite a resolution to this crisis.
Every assistance will be given to Comrade Hou. Any deviation from this directive will be identified and strictly disciplined.

Zhao Dehan looked towards the safes with dreamy eyes: “Yes, so nice. As a child in the countryside, I loved to look at the plentiful fields and often squatted at the edge of a field looking at it until midday. I love to eat soybean paste noodles, but I love looking at the wheat in fields even more. It starts to sprout, the stalk elongates, and then it ripens into golden ears of wheat… I look and look, and I’m not hungry any more.” Zhao Dehan claimed to be a farmer’s son. Coming from a line of farmers, he feared poverty! Like looking at wheat, looking at bank notes gave him peace of mind and spiritual satisfaction. After staring for too long, a brilliant golden field of rippling wheat would sprout out of the bank notes.

Wow, this guy was a real weirdo; he could even give greed a poetic flair.

Hou Liangping suddenly remembered that Zhao Dehan seemed to have a mother of eighty or so living by herself in the countryside, so he asked Zhao Dehan if he sent her money. Zhao Dehan answered yes, that every month he sent her three hundred yuan. He often quarreled over those three hundred yuan with his wife, too, because she knew nothing of his secret fortune yet. He wanted his mother to come and live with them, but dared not let on about his Imperial Gardens mansion. This was the vault! His own house was too small and couldn’t accommodate her. Fortunately, his mother disliked the city; she had come to look around and left soon after. Zhao Dehan comforted himself by saying: “Sending her three hundred yuan a month, that’s pretty much enough.”

Hou Liangping finally got angry! “You’re guarding all this money, and you only give your mother three hundred yuan for living expenses! A giant mansion like this is empty, and you won’t fetch your mother to come and live here! This is how you repay the mother who took great pains to raise you? And you keep going on about being a farmer’s son. Do our farmers have such rotten luck that they all have to raise ungrateful sons like you?”

Zhao Dehan started crying and sniveling again, profound shame written all over his face, repeatedly saying he was wrong, he had made a big mistake, he was sorry to the Party and the people, and he was unworthy of the organisation’s grooming…

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