Inheriting Evil by K S Logan

Inheriting Evil

Inheriting Evil by K S Logan
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Struggling book store owner, Grace Calhoun, receives news of her mother’s ill health in Scotland. She must leave England and travel back to the home and family she hasn’t seen in twenty years. While there, she begins to suspect foul play at the hands of her surly sister and her lazy, less than ambitious son. Grace must navigate her way through a massive inheritance, deep family secrets, shocking betrayal and possibly even murder!

What? Oh no. Another increase?” She’d spent most of the morning in her office working on the books, which looked bleak, as usual. Her bookstore meant everything to her. She had fulfilled a lifelong dream when she opened it. Unfortunately, something always needed repairing in the old shop, and in her tiny flat. She was already behind in her bills; higher rent would really sting. “You can’t do that, Mr. Resnik. You’ll put me out of business.” She felt warmth rise under her collar, her hands began to sweat, and she was sure her face was turning red. She tried to hold eye contact with him and remain assertive, even though her body was giving her insecurity away. All her life, when Grace experienced stress, it revealed itself to the world.

He put his hairy hands on his broad hips. He always wore the same clothes: a yellowing collared shirt and gray polyester slacks. His pants were too long for his short, stocky legs and pooled around his brown penny loafers.

“The lease states that if repairs are of a safety concern, I have the right to obtain money from shop owners. Have you looked at the eaves, Grace? Dangerous. They’re going to fall on someone’s head one of these days. You wouldn’t want a lawsuit, would you?”

“No, of course not. I’ll figure something out.” Yeah, right, she thought. What was there to figure out? She was in trouble and right now couldn’t see a way out of it.

“Mind if I use the loo? The wife’s coffee always runs right through me.”

Grace stood there, absolutely depressed and discouraged. She looked around at her beloved bookstore with its many collections and rare editions.

She knew she’d probably never get wealthy selling books; that was never her goal. She just wanted to make a decent living surrounded by everything she loved. She enjoyed her regular clientele, who also appreciated the architecture of the space, with its creaky floors and quaint, comfy alcoves.

Grace scrimped and saved to decorate the bookstore with a sensitivity to the period: dark wood, curvilinear chairs, patterned oriental rugs on the stone floor, antique tables and sideboards. She had collected some Imari style table lamps from an estate sale as well as oil paintings and portraits that added to the ambiance of the tidy little shop.

She’d made use of all the rooms in the place that was originally a private home in 1724. Rumors had circulated about the original owner haunting the dining room, the largest room with a fireplace, and that brought customers in as well. Her assistant, Wesley, had the idea of placing the Bloods and Penny Dreadfuls in there and she noticed it had boosted those sales somewhat.

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