Intimate Relations by Rebecca Forster

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Intimate Relations by Rebecca Forster (Finn O’Brien #4)
English | 2021| Mystery & Thriller |ePUB| 8 MB

 A woman in a window. A cop out of his element. A crime of unimaginable passion.It’s two in the morning when a domestic disturbance brings Finn O’Brien to an artists’ colony on the frayed edges of the City of Angels. Housed in an abandoned brewery, the concrete fortress looms like a dystopian portal to hell. Inside the detective finds a bizarre gathering of Los Angeles elites, a man in a rage, and a young woman beaten to death, her face obliterated.As he hunts a killer, Finn finds himself in a surreal world where art and science create strange bedfellows, money and desire birth shameful descendants, and the deadliest relationships of all are the most intimate.

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