Invisible Goodbye by Tierney James

Invisible Goodbye

Invisible Goodbye by Tierney James (Enigma Series Book 7)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

On a calm moonless night, a Singapore airliner carrying several hundred passengers, including twenty of America’s top scientists and engineers, disappears over the Indian Ocean without a trace. Then one day an Enigma agent hiking through the Siberian forests of Russia, finds one of the scientists…alive.
Petrov hates Enigma, the secret intelligence organization that nearly destroyed his life, but duty drives him to inform the US Government he has located the missing scientists. Time is running out to orchestrate a rescue mission and destroy the technology given to the Russians. Petrov’s prize is reuniting with Tessa Scott, who he met in Afghanistan two years earlier. He has no qualms about destroying the one person who stands in his way, Captain Chase Hunter.
With her marriage on the rocks, Tessa decides to travel to Russia to assist the new ambassador. Change gives her clarity of what the future will hold as a single mom. When Petrov finds her in the clutches of a sadistic Russian general, she is more than willing to follow him into the wilds of Siberia. But at what cost?
Captain Hunter and his team design an escape plan for the American scientists and hope they don’t start WWIII in the process. Forced to put his hatred of Petrov aside, they work together to ensure military superiority stays in the hands of the US. He soon learns the cost of doing business with his enemy, might mean losing Agent Tessa Scott.

The frigid air and clear sky reminded Darya Petrov of the Wakhan Valley in Afghanistan. With the snow piled along the curb and dim streetlights along both sides of the street, it took only a few seconds to remember home remained far away. The snow muffled the light traffic this time of night. It didn’t compare with the quiet in the land of his mother or Montana where his Russian father had taken him for a better life and more opportunities.

He stood staring toward Lake Baikal as he adjusted his Siberian jacket and slowly let the flaps down on his ushanka hat of rabbit fur. Taking such luxury back to the village on the rooftop of the world, for the khan, might make the man’s life easier, certainly warmer. Temperatures were dropping and soon it would be in the teens. The moon dipped behind clouds as a round of flurries dressed the scene before him to resemble a Christmas card. Tessa would love this, he decided.

He’d come here to gather intel for Enigma and the CIA, but he’d decided to abandon that folly soon after he arrived. Playing by the rules had never been his strong suit, and he thought making them sweat about where he had disappeared to and what he might be up to sounded a great deal more entertaining. To acquaint himself with his father’s homeland, he took the Trans-Siberian Railroad and ended up in a place he never expected to find.

He’d left the train in Irkutsk and made his way east by whatever means he could find until he reached the Siberian forests around Lake Baikal. Although the land was covered in thick forests around most of Lake Baikal, it reminded him of both his homes, especially the one in Montana. His Russian sounded nearly fluent, and he met several families who took him in and fed him in exchange for him chopping wood and sharing chores with the men.

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