Iron Dogs by Anthony James

Iron Dogs

Iron Dogs (Fire and Rust Book 1) by Anthony James
English | 2019 | Sci-Fi | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

Iron Dogs : High-stakes combat in a pitiless universe.

Rust is the rarest ore in the known universe and the only substance capable of fuelling a warship’s lightspeed drive. The human Unity League is fighting an alien species called Fangrin for control of the mines…and losing badly.

When assault craft pilot Commander Jake Griffin is sent out with the Eternity carrier group to hunt for rust mines deep in enemy territory, he has no idea what’s coming to him. The planet Graxol-4 hides the biggest Fangrin rust mine ever discovered. The only problem is, it’s guarded by a war fleet and surface troops, while the planet itself is toxic and gripped by constant storms.

It’s not the sort of place to head for a vacation.

The fight for the mine will test Griffin’s combat skills to the limit against a vastly superior foe. In a way, he’s got it easy – the troops on the ground will have to beat the Fangrin in the most challenging circumstances imaginable.

That job falls to Lieutenant Tanner Conway, a man who just wants to go home to his family.

Victory on Graxol-4 may not win the war, but it will buy time for humanity to regroup, toughen up and come back harder.

However, a third – unknown – player has an interest in this game and their involvement will turn everything on its head.

“The Eternity, two heavy cruisers, four light cruisers and whatever Vipers returned to the bay before departure.”

“Six in total,” confirmed Kenyon.

The carrier wasn’t much to look at – a twelve-hundred meter, high-sided spaceship with a broad beam and a hull covered in five different types of countermeasures. The Eternity’s offensive capabilities were stored in the main bay.

The support ships clustered around and the heavy cruiser, Tyrant, caught Griffin’s eye. The Tyrant was a hulking craft, not long out of the yard and packing some of the Unity League’s most advanced weaponry. It was a powerful force on paper and as-yet untested.

“Two, four and six. Doesn’t sound much when you read out the numbers,” said Dominguez.

Kenyon checked in with command and control. “They’re readying a planetary bomber.”

It seemed premature. “They can’t send in a bomber without knowing what defenses the enemy have,” said Griffin.

“Looks like that’s the plan anyway, sir.” Kenyon exchanged a few more words with one of the comms officers on the Eternity. “We’re acting as escort for the Hell to Pay and the No Fear.”

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