Isekai Magus 3 by Han Yang

Isekai Magus 3

Isekai Magus 3 by Han Yang (The Fantasy World of Nordan)
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Join Tribe Moonguard as they strive to gain levels, repair their castle city, and fight off endless hordes.
To Damien, his tribe is family and he believes all lives should be cherished. King Korbi knows something dark about Damien’s black magic and feels the blight must be purged. That blight is but a child, an infant elva who has harmed no one, but still must die.
Damien struggles to dominate the Garo Region with his necromancy, finding unique surprises around every corner. Sometimes even under a statue.
Countless enemies surround Moonguard City while fleets bring additional troops. A war is brewing, a battle for the very survival of Tribe Moonguard.

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