Ivy Cross and the Monarch of Darkness by A.D. Winter

 Ivy Cross and the Monarch of Darkness

Ivy Cross and the Monarch of Darkness by A.D. Winter (Dark Inquisitor Series Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

In the hidden city of Salvation, there’s only one thing deadlier than evil—me.
I’m not like other inquisitors. In fact, I can’t even follow orders. So when my superior at the Order warns me not to investigate a brood of vampires abducting women from the human world, he’s just asking for trouble.
Unfortunately, what I discover is much worse. The humans aren’t the prey; I am. And before I know it, I’m caught holding the body of a dead fae.
Now, I must do what I swore against: betray the Order. And it won’t be easy. Inquisitors are everywhere. Vampires are on the prowl. And the only one who’ll help me is a gorgeous wizard who’s as dangerous as those trying to kill me. Yet, even as I draw closer to the truth, I fear that what I find will only bring about my end.

Not from the frightening vampire glaring at me from the end of the street. Nor from his ugly minions swarming the tops of the surrounding buildings, blocking my escape. But from one single realization—I’d run out of bubble gum.


I stepped back and drew my nunchucks, their fiery edges whistling through the night air as I swung them around me. They’d been forged in the mountains of the dwarves with dragon’s breath. A tool of unimaginable destruction. A weapon of unequal strength. In other words, they were pretty awesome.

I held them out before me, watching as I was surrounded by the enemy.

Vampires. They were all the same. Pretty little things who brooded in the dark. What a joke. They thought they should rule the world just because they were immortal and had really nice bone structure.

I mean, they did. But still.

They were nothing but a bunch of losers, refugees from the Dark Uprising, who were allowed to exist because the Council of Light was led by a bunch of fae.

But that was why I was here. I was going to put an end to their little party and get what I’d come for.

The vampire strode out with a toothy grin, confident now that I was surrounded by his minions. Frederick the First, or as I called him, Freddy the Fake, was a sight to behold. His long black hair was combed neatly to the side, revealing a chiseled face and piercing eyes, and his three-piece suit was decorated with a bright red tie that was clearly expensive. If he hadn’t been such a jerk, I might’ve gone out with the guy.

“Ivy,” he said in a smooth voice. “What a pleasure it is to see you again.”

“Wish I could say the same, Stink Breath,” I replied.

I’d met this loser years ago, when I was just an initiate. Back then he was just a small-timer, a bloodsucker in the shadows, working for his mistress, the Witch of Death. But now he was moving on to bigger and better things. And I needed to put an end to it before it got worse.

“You’ve been busy,” I said, motioning to his cohort of pesky vampires.

“What did you expect?” he said. “Everywhere I go, I’m met with the reek of bubble gum.”

I pressed a hand to my cheek, acting as if I’d just been insulted. “Moi?

But he was right. I had been hunting him—for a while now—searching through the seediest parts of the city for any sign of his stinky brood. But vampires were like roaches, sneaky little insects that scampered away into the cracked edges of the night whenever the light appeared. But now I had him.



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